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Win the chance to manage real $100 000

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GREAT TRADER ·REAL· by Varchev Finance gives an opportunity to all talented traders to prove their trading skills and the profitability of their trading strategy, iron discipline and excellent risk management. During the six months period, the contesters will have a chance to present their trading strategy, ideas and to prove that they have the edge and talent in finding financial instruments and markets with the most return and minimal risk.

The winner and the future GREAT TRADER will be given an opportunity to manage a $100,000 portfolio, provided by Varchev Finance, and to evolve into a PRO TRADER, positioned in our Trading Floor, side by side with the Founder and Chief Asset Manager - Biser Varchev, working along with the managers, licensed investment consultants, brokers and pro-traders with over 25 years of experience on the financial markets.

,, I don't see markets. I see risk,profit and money. "

Signed by Biser Varchev

Contestants in

To join the GREAT TRADER · Real · you will need to:

1. Have a real trading account or to open one on Meta Trader 5 platform;
2. Deposit 500 USD/EUR/BGN starting balance on your trading account;
3. Fill in the application form here

Stages of the program


GREAT TRADER ·Real· starts on July 2, 2018 at 00:00 and ends on December 31, 2018. Traders holding a real account can participate at any time during the program. GREAT TRADER · Real · score board will be published once a day at 18 o'clock on the, with the temporary ranking on the profitability of the accounts participating in the program. The provisional ranking is based on the highest return rate of the amount invested, with the final ranking being decisive and other factors described below.


Determining the results of GREAT TRADER · Real · The winner, 2nd and 3rd places. Since the winners of the program will have an opportunity to work for Varchev Finance and its management portfolios, the result achieved is not the only one criteria for determining the best traders. The top three of the final rankings in earnings will be invited for an individual interview, held by Biser Varchev personally, along with his team of trading leaders. Factors affecting the final decision are as following:
1. Correct Margin Account Ratio vs. Position Size;
2. Realized Account Profitability - in case of traders not meeting the criteria and insights of the parcel management company (mainly money and risk management), individual calls and eventual work in the company will be invited to the next rankings.
* Traders with excessive exposures to the margin account could result in disqualification.


Once GREAT TRADER · Real · 2018 After the program winners are classified and announced, they will be offered a job position at Varchev Finance. With the potential agreement of both parties, the trainees will be guided in Varchev Finance traders' style. The Real Management Portfolios and the funds will be provided by the company. The remuneration of the traders will be based on the percentage of the profit realized, in comparison to the standard practice in the company: here


Three leading traders will be provided with real trading accounts with Varchev Finance and will receive a percentage of the remuneration from the profit realized on these accounts.

Distribution of management portfolios:

* GREAT TRADER ·Real· - $ 100,000 real account under the guidance of Varchev Finance;

* 2nd place - $ 50,000 real account under the guidance Varchev Finance;

* 3rd place - $ 30,000 real account under management from Varchev Finance

Portfolio management is carried out under the guidance and mentoring of the Trader's and the manager of Varchev Finance Chris Varchev at the Trade Pit in Varna or Sofia

Additional reward: Free Full Training for Traders "Hungry Wolves"


  • Mr. Biser Varchev
    Founder and Pro Trader

    Bisser is the founder of Varchev Finance, one of the most successful fund managers and a financial markets specialist.

  • Mr. Dimitar Kalapov
    Head of Trading
    Capital Markets

    Dimitar is a longtime member of the team of Varchev. He is Head of Trading and trades with positive financial results since 2003.

  • Mr. Stefan Angelov
    Head Fund Manager

    Stefan Head Fund Manager and one of the most successful traders in the company with between 11 and 43% yearly profits.

  • Mr. George Bozhidarov
    Seniour Dealer

    George is a solid trader who trades the whole range of financial instruments. Serious part of 2017 in his portfolio are cryptocurrencies.

  • Mr. Velizar Mitov
    Manager Trading Capital Markets

    Exploring, developing and implementing the latest tendancies and cutting-edge trends in technical analysis and forecasting of financial markets with the help of next generation high-tech practices and calculations.

  • Mr. Alexander Kumanov
    Intraday Interbank Trader

    Chosen for the best blitz trader among all Hungry Wolves. His passion is fast gains and big volumes.

  • Mr. Petar Milanov
    Juniour Risk Manager

    Another blade in the team of "Hungry Wolves" and proof of the success of the program. Analytical, rapid minds, market sentiment adaptability, and 24-hour monitoring of global macro data are a sure indicator of sustained return on "Developed Stock Markets."

Trading Centers

Preliminary interviews, as well as the traineeship, will be held at Varchev Finance offices throughout the country.


25 Canada Square, Level 33, office 50, Canary Wharf London, E14 5LQ
+44 20 3608 6256


Sofia, Patriarh Evtimii Str. 98
(02) 954 5115


Varna Mall floor 4, "Vladislav Varnenchik" Blvd. 186
(052) 631 000, 634 040


Burgas Plazza Mall, "Transportna" Blvd3 Carrefour
0879 447 335

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